Best Piano For Beginners – A Complete Buying Guide Reviews

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Best Piano For Beginners – A Complete Buying Guide Reviews

If you are planning to buy a new best piano or looking for a piano replacement, you at the right place. As you know there are many different models out there to choose from and it can be confusing to select the one that’s right for you. Here at The Best Piano Reviews we summarise reviews and give overview of the latest and best-selling pianos. We provide the piano product outline, ratings, quick pointers of the pros and cons from customer reviews, as well as where to buy the piano of your choice.

You are looking for the best piano for learning, recreation,.. but you do not know how to choose appropriate because today’s market there are many types of the best piano. a website gives you some basic knowledge of the best piano. Our piano reviews on the market to help you find the best piano suit your needs

Tips To Help You Choose The Right Piano:

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Playing the piano:

You might think that selecting the best piano to buy would be a pleasantly simple experience: test play it and if you like the way it sounds, you’ll buy it. Easy, right? In a general sense this is true. But in actuality, there are a few factors that if ignored, you might unknowingly end up buying something that you would regret later on.

When considering the purchase of a piano, there’s one rule you should follow: have the best piano technician check out the best piano before you buy. Furthermore, after he examines it thoroughly, give him time to do some analysis on what he has found.

Different types of pianos

We are not discussing electronic pianos in this article. Among acoustic pianos on the market, there are the Grand piano and the up-right piano. Within each of these two types there are many different sizes of piano. The in-between sizes of Grand piano category include: parlor, baby, medium, semi-concert and concert. Each piano is generally distinguished by its length. Of the up-right piano type there are: spinet, console, studio and professional.

Automobiles, grocery and piano shopping

When referred to searching for a piano, this comparison is not too far off target. Think about cars, a company can make an exceptional car, but they also create certain models which brake down quite a bit. Similarly, a food manufacturer may sell its top of the line products for more money, but can also change a few things and sell the same product a lot cheaper under a store brand name. Many people would believe that German car companies make a superior car, but where do they get some of their less essential parts?

The same comparison could also be made to pianos. The company may be in Germany or the US, but is the company German owned and are the components of the piano actually made by that company? They could be using a cheaper parts manufacturer from some country where piano manufacturing has never been considered a serious business. Think about it when shopping for a piano, and just like your car mechanic, there are very good reasons to have you professional piano technician along for an inspection.

The Good And The Bad

Similar to the automobile industry, good piano makers come in and out of favor over time. Volkswagen was the most sought-after car when it first came out, then it became unpopular for several years and now it is back again. Talking about pianos, Germany is normally famous for pianos but you’ll need to know who currently owns the company. The United States is usually good, but many times they have been influenced by Asian companies, outsourcing to them for cheaper parts. Japan and Korea were not popular with building pianos, but they have slowly improved their quality through buying other non-Asian piano companies. At the moment, stay away from pianos made in China due to Chinas’ poor reputation on pianos.

Every piano has a number on it. This number is similar to a VIN number for a car. By reading this identification code, your piano technician can tell you everything you need to know about that particular piano, like where it was made, who owns the company, when the company changed hands and where the components were manufactured.

Yamaha Digital Piano

Piano Brands

Many people believe that over the last two centuries there have been over 25,000 brands of pianos. We are talking piano brands and not models. Therefore it is quite difficult to know exactly what to look for when you are searching for that one piano based on brand. When you play it you just strongly feel that the sound and action work for your fingers and ears. Afterall you are the person who will be listening to this piano the most. You are the one that needs to like its sounds.

Here are a few well known piano brands:

Bechstien, high end piano. Boston, very good piano. Baldwin, a good piano. Charles Walters, high quality piano. Knabe piano, medium quality. Kranich & Bach, current model not that good. Steinway, a good piano but sounds to taste. Yamaha, wonderful piano. Wurlitzer, not so good.

The most important thing about buying a piano is to play it and enjoy the sound. Have it checked out carefully first by a professional piano technician. Remember you are buying the best piano for your enjoyment and not as an investment. Your best piano holds little monetary value. It is only valuable to the owner and player: yourself.

The Right Age For a Child to Start Best Piano Lessons

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Every parents would want to their child to be really good at something. One of these things that they want their child to be good at is playing the best piano. Seeing their child’s fingers dancing across the ivory keys is very appealing to parents and their child as well. Thus, the question is when should a child start to learn piano?

The answer is the younger the better. Classical musicians such as Mozart started learning to playing the best piano as young as three or four year old. Letting a child get into best piano at a tender age will provide them a lot of opportunity to play, even if they are not extremely talented in the field of music.

Start sparking your child’s interest in music from the moment you conceive them. It is said that listening to classical piano pieces while pregnant and after giving birth will let the child appreciate learning to play the best piano even more. Therefore, you won’t find it difficult to introduce piano lessons when they get old enough to attend one someday.

Piano Teacher:

Finding the right teacher is very important especially if you want to child to start learning to play the best piano at a very early age. You can’t expect a toddler to focus his attention on a certain thing for long hours. Therefore, cutting the piano lessons into shorter time may be necessary so that they won’t get bored or get discouraged in their future lessons. Toddlers will be more interested to learn on a 15-minute lesson than hours.

Do not expect your child to learn the same way an adult does. Therefore it is important to get a best piano teacher who knows how to deal with young children and communicate with them efficiently. Otherwise, your child will soon lose interest on the subject and they won’t learn the proper way and will get frustrated with the instrument. The best approach is to make the best piano lessons an exciting and enjoyable experience for them.

Giving them a good foundation will allow them to enjoy playing the best piano for as long as they live. This amazing gift of music is something that they will be thankful for in many years to come.

Not all parents can let their child start piano lessons at an early age. Few parents wouldn’t even have thought about it until their child will ask them to take piano class.

Some parents would want to make sure that this is not just their kid’s whim, so they would require their kids to take at least a year of piano lessons and see if their kid is serious about their desire or not.

Sometimes children who expressed their desire for piano lessons are more likely to become better with it compared to others who were forced to take piano lessons at a tender age. However, they may be a bit slower in comprehending the lessons compared to the young ones. With some effort on their part, they can turn out to be excellent students.

To ensure that piano lessons are successful, make sure that your child practice daily. Practice is very important regardless of how old they are. While younger children tend to become better students, it does not take away the fact that the more interested the child is in his lessons, the better he becomes at it.

With the research done for you, it will narrow down your search taking the worry out the equation, and will help you make the right choice so that you can have the best piano of your dreams.

How To Find The Best Digital Piano

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The rising demand for digital pianos is best explained by looking at its major advantages over traditional and acoustic pianos (view more: Digital or Acoustic Piano).  These also serve as the major considerations when looking for the best digital piano.


As much as people love traditional pianos, they cannot help but wish it could do more, and that’s where digital pianos come in. For starters, digital pianos offer more instrument sounds such asdrum beats and strains of a flute. It’s like playing with an entire orchestra when all you have is a single digital piano. These digital pianos also come with three types of octaves – Four, Six, and Eight octaves – giving you more options.


Traditional and acoustic pianos operate only at a specific volume or sound level. With digital pianos, you can easily manipulate and adjust the sound level. When you want to play without disturbing other people, you also have the option of using headphones instead to keep the volume down.


It is a widely-known fact that traditional pianos do not come cheap. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find the best piano with less than 4 digits in its price tag. A digital piano, on the other hand, can be purchased at a lower cost, with some even selling below $500. The cost of maintenance of digital pianos is also definitely cheaper, since you won’t have to worry about environmental factors such as room temperature and humidity, which are often huge considerations when it comes to traditional pianos.


Every digital piano comes with a MIDI performance functionality, which enables users to connect it with any musical instrument, a music player, or even a computer. It is also possible to add new music or even software in the digital piano, thanks to this function. In some models, there is a USB slot for added convenience.

Should I Buy an Acoustic Piano, a Digital Piano or an Electric Keyboard?

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Know the Difference

Acoustic Pianos:

best piano

An acoustic piano is the what most people think of when the heard the word piano.  The most common type of acoustic piano is called an upright piano or sometimes also called a vertical or box piano.  In general, upright pianos are for home use or any others area with limited space. The second type of acoustic piano is the grand piano.  These are much larger than upright pianos and are typically used for performances.  They can also sometimes be spotted in the homes of the affluent.

Both upright and grand pianos share several characteristics and they function in identical ways. All acoustic pianos have 88 keys, 52 white and 36 black. They have strings within the body of the pianos that are struck by small hammers when the keys are depressed.  The harder you strike the keys, the harder the hammers hit the strings and the louder the sound. Since the hammers weight a small amount, there is a very distinct weighted feeling  that pianos are known for.

Most pianos have 3 pedals near the floor called foot pedals. Each pedal has a specific use. The right pedal is called the sustaining pedal.  When you press the sustaining pedal, the dampers that are normally pushing the strings are removed which allows them to vibrate for much longer, giving a sustained sound.  The function of the middle pedal changes from model to model. One common function is called sostenuto.  This is when only the keys depressed at the time of pushing the pedal will be sustained.  The other keys will not be impacted.  Another possible function is “practice mode”.  This is where the strings are muted so that one can practice without creating much noise.  The left pedal is the soft pedal.  Pushing this pedal moves the hammers closer to the strings.  Thus creating a softer sound.

Digital Pianos:

best piano

Digital Pianos are recent invention designed to replicate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano.  They are electronically driven using computer chips to detect input and replicate the sounds of the best piano and often other instruments.  As there are no hammers needed to strike the strings, the keys are carefully weighted and constructed to replicate the feel of a real piano. Typically there are several different instrument sounds, typically called voices, that can be changed in the user interface.  Digital pianos use speakers to output their sound and the volume level can be easily adjusted.  Additionally, most digital pianos have a headphone jack that allows one to practice without making any noise.  Some digital pianos have sound output jacks that allow users to export sounds to their computer for composition and mixing.  Digital pianos are lightweight and portable.  As a result, many performers have a digital piano that they can bring to different gigs and set them up with little effort.

Electric Keyboards:

best piano

Electric Keyboards resemble digital pianos in look.  However, there are some key differences.  First is that electric keyboards lack the weighted key feel.  Often times their keys are little more than plastic molded to fit the shape.  This makes keyboards not so useful for piano players looking to practice.  Also, keyboards tend to have a lot more voices.  This is usually because they are used more a toys than instruments.  They typically have less than 88 keys, with 61 keys being a rough standard.  The one benefit of electric keyboards is their price.  Some of the cheaper models can be picked up for less than $100.

What Are You Hoping to Get Out of Ownership?

There are a lot of things people on the market for the best piano could be looking for out of their next purchase.

Are you looking for a piece of furniture?  Look towards either an acoustic piano or a digital piano with a nice stand.  Upper end digital pianos with a nice stand look very nice, very professional and some come in different colors to match your other furniture.

Are you or someone in your family taking lessons and looking to practice? Look towards an acoustic or a digital piano.  Keyboards don’t adequately replicate the feel of real pianos.  This can create some issues with finger strength and an unfamiliar feeling when you get onto a real pianos.

Are you looking for an instrument or toy for your 5 year old?  If you are looking for a cheap toy that makes sounds in hopes that your young child will enjoy music, a keyboard is the way to go.  Keyboards come with the added benefit of being less expensive.  This helps to soften the blow if there is no interest and the keyboard gets packed away into a closet.

Are you looking for a piano that you can perform on?  If you need a high quality sound, then you’ll want a digital piano or an acoustic piano.  If you can leave your instrument in place, then an acoustic piano is the way to go.  But if you need to move your instrument, then we recommend a digital piano.

Do you need to move your new instrument frequently?  Acoustic pianos are heavy, like really heavy.  And frequently moving them can damage them.  Also, changing environments, specifically temperature and humidity, can cause them to detune.  When you need to move your instrument frequently, you’ll want to go with a digital piano or a keyboard.

Are you a professional?  Professionals need high quality sound as their livelihood depends on it.  Keyboards just won’t cut it in this instance.  You’ll need to go with an acoustic or digital piano.

Do you have Enough Space?

Acoustic pianos weigh a lot and take up a lot of space.  Upright pianos weigh between 300 pounds and 800 pounds.  They also take up more space as they fully house the hammers, strings, etc.  If space is a concern, you’ll likely need a digital piano or a keyboard.  The lightest keyboards weigh in the area of 10 pounds.  Digital pianos generally weigh between 30 pounds and 80 pounds.  If you live in a small place and need to store your best piano when you aren’t using it, you’ll need a keyboard or digital piano.

What is your Budget?

Keyboards can cost under $100.  Grand Pianos can cost $50,000+.  Whatever you are looking to spend, you can find a suitable option.  In general, electric keyboards cost between $70 and $300.  Digital Pianos cost between $300 and $2,000.  And acoustic pianos cost between $3,000 and $50,000, with upright pianos being on the lower end and grand pianos being on the higher end.

If you’ve decided to purchase a digital piano or an electric keyboard, please check out our best digital piano reviews for more information or check out the comprehensive digital piano comparison matrix.

Digital Piano Reviews

best piano

If you are looking for the perfect best digital piano that can accommodate both beginners and experienced players alike, the Yamaha range of digital pianos is exactly what you are looking for. Providing a true piano sound and feel, the Yamaha is an easy favorite among all other digital pianos in the market. With its unique keyboard, weighted keys and superior sound quality the Yamaha provides you with a very enjoyable instrument both for practice and performance.

This site is fast becoming the definitive guide for Yamaha digital piano reviews and we hope you find this a useful resource when making your decision about which piano to purchase. Each review has an accompanying video demonstration so you can really get a feel for what each model looks and sounds like.To read more click here about best digital piano reviews.

Top Digital Piano Reviews:

Alesis Cadenza Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Weighted Hammer Action

Polyphony: 64

Accessories Included: Stand and One Pedal Foot Pedal

The Alesis Cadenza is a modern looking, 88 key digital piano with weighted keys and adjustable touch sensitivity.  It comes with a sturdy, black stand which takes less than 1 hour to assemble and requires only one basic tool, a screwdriver.  The music stand feels a bit flimsy.  It is certainly strong enough to support music, but be gentle when you putting your books on the stand.

The weighted hammer action is decent.  It is not bad, but we have seen much better in this price range.  The touch sensitivity has 3 levels.  It’s a nice feature to have as it allows some customization for different users.  The sound quality is excellent.  The piano voice is nearly perfect and the speakers produce full, vibrant sound.  The user interface is easy to navigate and switching between voices takes pushing only a few buttons.

The Alesis Cadenza comes with a USB output jack to allow your practice to interact with your computer.  It also features both MIDI in and MIDI out jacks.  This is one of the only models we’ve reviewed that comes with this feature.

One area we feel this model lack in is the sustain pedal.  While the digital piano comes with sustain pedal, it doesn’t seem to function properly.  It just doesn’t seem to sustain the tones.

Typical Complaints:

  • The sustain pedal doesn’t seem to work correctly.  It just doesn’t sustain the way it is supposed to.  Further reading suggests this is a problem common to all units, not just the one we tested.

  • Given some quality issues that other users have reported, you may be best to look elsewhere.  If you have $500 to spend on a digital piano, you could find a better way to spend it.

Yamaha ARIUS YDP-V240

best piano

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action

Polyphony: 64

Accessories Included: Stand, Pedals, and Bench

The Yamaha YDP-V240 is a high end digital piano (but an entry level console digital piano) featuring top of the line sound quality, accessories and feel.  Note that Arius is Yamaha’s second highest series of digital pianos behind the Clavinova Series.  This piano comes with a beautiful and sturdy stand and a bench, both of which have a dark rosewood finish.  The assembled stand and digital piano are heavy, well over 100 lbs.  This is indicative of the construction quality.

The YDP-V240 features Yamaha’s Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted action keys.  The GHS is exceptional technology and this piano is one of the best feeling digital pianos we’ve seen.  The keys are very quiet when depressed, opposite of what is typically the case with digital pianos.  The touch sensitivity is near perfect.  Yamaha’s GHS requires a heavier touch on the lower notes and a lighter touch on the higher notes, just as it is on an acoustic piano.

The sound quality is phenomenal.  The speakers makes use of two 20 watt amplifiers, which is quite more than most digital piano models. The piano voice sounds exactly like a real piano.  There are over 500 other voices and each one of them seems to match the piano voice sound quality.

Typical Complaints:

  • The price tag is huge.  This digital piano is pushing the cost of an upright piano.  However, as a console digital piano, this model can actually replace an acoustic.

  • The stand could be of a little higher construction quality.  It’s solid enough for most people, but might be an issue for heavier people.

Korg LP350 Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Korg’s Real Weighted Hammer Action 3

Polyphony: 60

Accessories Included: Keyboard Stand and 3 Standard Pedals

The Korg LP350 is available in black or white.  The digital piano sits nicely in its stand and looks very clean.  There is a built in key cover that folds up to function as a makeshift music stand.  The stand is a matte finish and is constructed of particleboard.

This digital piano feels wonderful.  Korg has really nailed it with their Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3).  Lower toned keys require a heavier touch and progressively get easier as you move up the register.

There are multiple features, more than some of Korg’s lower models, but still lack features and options comparable to other similar priced models.

The LP350 come with two built in 10 centimeter 11 watt amplifiers.  These two speaker offer a full and rich sound.  The sound quality is exceptional and leaves little to be desired.  The LP350 does not have usb ports, but provides IN and OUT jacks for MIDI connections.

This digital piano has several big issues that keep this piano from being a top tier, highly recommended piano.  While the sound quality and feel are exceptional, the quality of construction is lacking.  The stand is made of cheap particle board making it flimsy, poorly designed and feel like it could give way at any moment.  The keys don’t seem to be properly lined up and the space between the keys is not even.  This can really mess with the feel of a piano.

Typical Complaints:

  • The stand is poor quality.  It’s made of cheap particle board and is very flimsy.

  • The keys aren’t always lined up properly and the spacing between the keys is not consistent

Korg SP170S Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action:  Natural Weighted Hammer Action

Polyphony: 120 (60 for stereo mode)

Accessories Included: Sustain Pedal and Music Stand

The Korg SP170S is lightweight, sleek and stylish.  It’s minimal design will fit right in in any modern minimalist designed rooms.  This digital piano features only 4 buttons: one being the power button, one being the volume knob, one being the “Sound ? button which switches the tone, and the “Piano ? button which switches the tone directly back to piano.  There is no lcd screen, though there aren’t enough features/options to make the lack of a screen a hinderance.

The feel of this digital piano is exceptional.  The Natural Weighted Hammer Action created by Korg is spot on.  Korg has nailed it with their innovation.  Many have raved about the near perfect feel of this model.  The feel does not get much closer to a real piano.

There are a limited number of tones included, making this piano targeted more towards professional pianists looking for a portable instrument.  In addition to the few tones, there are a limited number of features.  The sound quality is clear and powerful.  There are little to no “tin ? sound or ringing that often comes with digital piano speakers.

There is no USB port, but there are midi ports which can be more powerful if used in combination with the right software.  Though many people don’t have midi cables.  There are two headphone jacks which are helpful for a student and instructor or a student and parent.

Typical Complaints:

  • A three pedal attachment will not work with this piano

  • This piano doesn’t come with a stand.  Though given its main use, portability, this is understandable.  Pick up a cheap, foldable $25 stand if you really need one.

Roland RD-300NX Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 88

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Ivory Feel-G Keyboard with Escapement

Polyphony: 128

Accessories Included: Damper Pedal

The Roland RD-300NX is one of the best digital pianos we’ve review.  The feel is exceptional, the sound quality is off the charts, and it’s portability make it perfect for traveling professionals.

This piano looks sleek.  There are lots of buttons and controls, but they looks good.  The piano looks good and it looks professional.  There isn’t really anything more to add.

The feel of the Roland RD-300NX is nearly perfect.  Roland has obviously spent a lot of time working to make the feel of their upper end models as good as possible.  The keys feel very close to a real piano and the weighted action is about as good as it gets.

Like the feel, the sound is nearly perfect.  The sound is crystal clear and still sounds great even at louder volumes.  There is no “tin ? sound and we can’t really ask for much more from a digital piano’s sound.

This piano’s best use seems to be for professional who are constantly moving their instrument from gig to gig.  It weighs in at about 38 lbs and can be set up very easily.  Coupled with a foldable piano stand, there isn’t really anything more a professional on the move can ask for.  The sound quality is exceptional, the feel is nearly perfect and overall, this is a great instrument.  There isn’t much more to say.  If you have the money to spend on this digital piano, you will not be disappointed.

Typical Complaints:

  • This piano is expensive.  It’s worth every penny, but most people can’t afford the price tag.

To get more buying guide reviews click here about best digital piano.

Best Piano Keyboard Reviews:

Yamaha EZ-200 61 Full-Sized Touch Sensitive Lighted Keyboard Bundle

Best piano

Learning how to play the best piano for the first time is difficult on your own. The Yamaha EZ-200 can make it easier for you. There are many fundamental principles that you need to learn in order to play a tune. This keyboard Piano is ideal for first time learners whether child or adult.

The Yamaha EZ-200 has keyboard keys that feel and sound like authentic acoustic piano. The keys are touch responsive, giving you a soft sound with a light touch and a louder sound if you strike it hard. So if you are practicing for a recital, you won’t have any problems adjusting to the transition from electronic keyboard to classical best piano.

If you want to know how your playing would sound like if you are playing with a grand piano, you just need to push the button for the portable grand and you are playing your first concert. If you are an advanced player, you can get the separate pedal for more sustained sound.

Perfect for Beginners

Beginners will have fun learning how to play the best piano with the Yamaha EZ-200’s Education Suite. This will teach you to play your choice of the 100 built in songs. You will be taught to play with your left and right hand separately. For each hand, you have three lessons:

  • You will listen and learn the rhythm and melody of the song.
  • You will learn to play the melody or the chord with the correct timing through the keylight guides.
  • The song will not proceed until you play the correct chord or melody.

Large Chord Dictionary

Your progress for every practice session is monitored and graded so you know how far along you are in the lesson and how much you have improved. If you are learning best piano chords, you will find the Chord Dictionary a great resource for learning. It will show you how to play chords and you will see what chord you are playing on the LCD screen. You can also connect the Yamaha EZ-200 to your computer so that you can learn to play MIDI songs that you have downloaded from the internet.

Lots more Features and Benefits

If you want to play a different instrument on the Yamaha EZ-200, you can select from the 367 voices that are stored in it. Voices are different instrument sounds like harp, violin, trumpet, brass, and synthesizers to name a few. If you do not know which kind of voice to use with the music you are playing, it has a one touch setting that chooses for you.

The sound you will hear from this Yamaha Keyboard is in stereo. It will sound as real as the real thing. Some keyboards may have two speakers but the sound is not as well defined. Yamaha keyboards are equipped with stereo sampling technology giving you crystal clear sounds that are realistic.

Reverb feature

Reverb feature of the Yamaha EZ-200 gives you the effect you need when playing alone or for an audience. There are nine choices to suit your preference. You can create an atmosphere of playing in a small room or in something as big as a concert hall.

If you know a song or two, you can play it on the Yamaha EZ-200 and get an instant band to play with you at a push of a button. There are 100 styles ranging from rock to country or big band. Chose the style you like and it will play along with you to give you the backup you need.

Package includes

The Yamaha EZ-200 can provide you with everything you need to get started on that musical path you want to tread. The package comes with the keyboard, professional headphones, keyboard stand, power supply, music rest, a song book and the owner’s manual.

Yamaha YPT-220 61 Key Personal Keyboard with AC Adapter, Deluxe Keyboard Stand and Professional Headphones

Best piano

The Yamaha YPT 220 Keyboard Piano is a nice platform for showcasing a beginner’s talent.  With a rich song database, it enables a student to learn simple pieces that he can eventually follow and play during practice.  With a complete package which includes professional headphones and a stand, it could help facilitate learning even without an expert beside you.

Since Yamaha broke new ground in the field of music decades back, it has become a luminary figure, constantly producing musical instruments that carry a promise of excellence.  The Yamaha YPT 220 is ideal for students who want to hone their talent in playing the best piano.

Although it does not exactly give you the feel of the regular 88-keyed behemoth, it would still be the perfect learning playground due to portability and cost. It could still cater to the requirements of a learner.

Loads of great Features and Benefits

  • Features such as the Yamaha Educate Suite or Y.E.S. allow for easy learning with step by step guidelines.  Learning a piece is made easy by this signature Yamaha feature, incorporating in its user the value of learning on your own.
  • As stated, it has a song bank of 100 songs, 375 instrument voices and 100 accompaniment styles to teach, familiarize and accentuate piano pieces.
  • An authentic stereo grand piano sound can immediately be produced by the Portable Grand Button to set up this Yamaha YPT 220 keyboard to play like an authentic best piano.
  • The specific Reverb function enhances the sound by producing a concert hall atmosphere.  It gives that certain boost in confidence as one plays his favorite piece.  It is as if he were in his own recital.
  • The Sound Effect Kit is a playful additional feature as it has several programmed fancy sounds like a barking dog.

Loaded with the above features, the YPT 220 would well serve the first time learners.  It would allow them to sharpen their skills in best piano playing even if they do not have the finances for a regular best piano, as its price is steeper.  Professional keyboards, on the other hand, are also expensive and could be more complicated because it is loaded with other knobs and keys that would just crowd the mind of a starter.

Watch the Video below learn more about this Portable Keyboard

Pros: There is many of these

  • With a weight of just a little over nine pounds, it can easily be transported – from home to school to friend’s basements.  Weight is an important issue for ardent beginners who would prefer carrying them around so as not to miss out on practice time.
  • It has a friendly price for a world renowned name.  Yamaha commands a pretty considerable price, which is justified by its expertise in manufacturing musical instruments.  But this Yamaha Keyboard Piano defies such belief with a price that does not go beyond 200 dollars.

Cons: Nothing wrong with the keyboard but…

  • A lot of negative comments dwell around the YPT 220 keyboard stand.  Reportedly, there are some packages in which the stands and the keyboard do not match.  This renders the keyboard unstable as it is not securely fastened.

Relatively, this Yamaha Keyboard fares well if they are to be compared with other competitive brands – for the beginners, that is.  In terms of features, they have their certain edges, but they also have some low key points.

A specific Casio keyboard brand could be a tight competition especially for beginners because they feature keys that light up during play.  This is appeal points and might give the Yamaha Keyboard Piano a run for their money.

This would be an ideal gift for perhaps a son or daughter with the talent and eagerness to learn.  Investing on a Yamaha Keyboard Piano is well worth your money.

Casio CTK-2100 61-Key Portable Keyboard Package with Headphones, Stand & Power Supply

Best piano

The Casio CTK-2100 Keyboard is a 61 key personal keyboard fit for the whims of a keyboard player.  Be it for the apprentice or the player transitioning into the professional level, this offers piano style keys and specific instructions that could very well teach a player the essentials of keyboard playing.

This closely resembles the traditional acoustic piano, which could make up for its lack in the original feel and appearance.

The Casio CTK-2100 Keyboard Piano is indeed a good value for a price of roughly a hundred.  It is basically an educational keyboard programmed with built in songs that a child could follow and learn to play.  It can also be patched to the computer or radio as you download songs that you wish to play.  Digital special effects like a reverb may be incorporated to add intensity to the music.

Packed with Features

  • A premium package is inclusive of professional headphones with matching headstand and power adapter.
  • The Casio CTK-2100  is equipped with a Voice Pad to allow for sample sounds to be played.  It can be connected to an outside music source like an iPod or an MP3 player to jam with favorite tunes that you would want to play along with a keyboard.
  • It showcases a wide selection of rhythms and tones with 400 tones from different music genres, 150 rhythms and even accompaniments for Latin music and other styles that are classic to a certain geographic area like bossa nova and reggae.
  • A step-up lesson method is integrated in this Casio Keyboard Piano.  Pieces are broken into shorter phrases for easy mastering.  Once a step is done, one can advance to the next phrase and continue on with another set of lessons until he masters the entire piece.  By the time he has mastered all broken pieces, he can then play one full song with less mistakes.

The Casio CTK-2100  can be beneficial to both kids and adults.  This keyboard is good for beginners just learning to read and familiarize themselves with the notes.  The built in program reinforces the teaching process, which helps in developing their talent.  A digital keyboard such as this can be a recreational piece which could transform into a learning ground especially for those with skilled hands.

Watch the video review

Pros: Lots to Talk About Here

  • The device is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry for school band rehearsals or garage practices with your buddies.
  • The keyboard stand is easy to pull together.
  • The Casio CTK-2100 Keyboard is equipped with a voice fingering guide, which can call out finger numbers if there are some problems with keying and the player is using the wrong keys or notes.
  • The audio in jack allows for connection with an outside audio source so that a favorite MP3 tune can be played in case the player wants to learn how to key it.

Cons: Not Much Wrong With This Keyboars

  • The universal problem of this Casio is apparently its adapter.  Customers who have made their package purchase report that it doesn’t come with an original adapter, which could cause it to malfunction.

Comparison to other keyboards

The Casio CTK-2100 Keyboard Piano may not be as astounding as one would expect from a Yamaha or a Korg, but its features are well worth the money.  The price is affordable enough for people on a budget but is eager to learn the basics of keyboard playing.

In case you have run out of gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, the Casio CTK-2100 is worth the attention.  Any of your kids may have a secret passion for the best piano, and gifting them with this keyboard can help them hone their hidden talents.

Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard with Premium Accessories Package

Best piano

The Casio LK 100 Keyboard is one for the keyboard enthusiast.  Keyboards have been the instruments of choice of those who have the thing for piano playing but do not have a traditional best piano at home.  This type of keyboard often assumes the position of an instructor because of its built in digital function and instructions.

The Benefits

A digital keyboard offers a lot of benefits to the amateur player.  This could also be used for purposes of recreation and can facilitate bonding time between parents and their children.  The Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard demonstrates its features well by starting off with its lighting mechanism and three-step lesson system.  All 61 keys are full-sized and illuminated, which act as finger guides.

This greatly aids in teaching not just notes but precision and coordination.  The three-step lesson system starts off by mere watching.  A player can watch and take note of the keys that are used for a particular song as they light up.  This could easily be followed and enables players to keep up with a song and teach them the value of timing and precision.

Next, as a player gets used to the keys involved by initially watching, he can jam along by tuning the setting at a lower pace, which allows for better familiarization.  Finally, a normal pace can be established once the player has fully adapted to the keys and tempo.  And with practice, one can play a piece even with the absence of light.

A platform for learning that exudes ease in manipulation is a form of encouragement for music enthusiasts who know their do-re-mi’s and are proficient in playing.  But even those who are not properly equipped with the formal knowledge but have to knack for playing can benefit from this digital keyboard – the “lights” will show them the way.  Other features are as follows:

Standout Features

  • An LCD indicator, which aids a players with regard to timing and tempo.  This indirectly allows for fingers to properly adapt to the different tunes and paces of each song in the song bank.
  • A song bank with 100 pieces on the list gives players a range of choices to practice on or just listen to as they while away time.
  • Its auto accompaniment capability matches a particular chord with other coordinated beats, such as bass and rhythm, to come up with a more interesting tune.
  • The “voice fingering” mechanism adds up to the three-step lesson system by making use of a virtual assistant – a human voice that “speaks” at the first and second stages to identify which finger should be put into use.
  • The microphone jack is one special feature that allows one to sing along with any song at play.

This Casio Keyboard can be beneficial to all – kids and adults – be it with inept hands or prodigious fingers.  However, those with inborn talents might find this not so much of a challenge, so they might as well settle for traditional grand pianos that can showcase their dexterities really well.  Adults can do some practice even without the proper music background.  A digital keyboard such as this can be an amateur’s learning ground if in case formal lessons are still not feasible (perhaps due to factors such as age, budget, etc.)

Watch the video of the Casio lighted keyboard;


  • This suits the needs of a beginner fairly well.  All features are geared towards making the learner’s life easy as much as possible and to encourage them to practice more with a load of tunes and songs to choose from.
  • The light is considerably an exceptional factor that could influence the decision of a buyer.  Other brands and models are not equipped with this feature.  This gives them the edge especially if it would be for very young kids, who are greatly influenced by the power of visual stimulation.


  • Relying too much on the illuminated keys would somehow be confusing in teaching the basics.  It might encourage idle hands and minds.  However, there’s an option to turn it down just in case one happens to have memorized a piece.  The same goes for the voice fingering pattern, as it somehow suggests spoon feeding instead of allowing a learner to grasp it on his own.

Best electric keyboard Piano

Yamaha YPG235

best piano

Number of Keys: 76

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Graded Soft Touch (GST) Action

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: Keyboard Stand and Headphones

The Yamaha YPG235 is a low to mid range keyboard with 76 keys and Yamaha’s typical assortment of features (lots of voices, a good user interface, and the Yamaha Education Suite).  The electric keyboard itself is silver in color and is aesthetically pleasing.  It is fairly symmetrical and features full stereo sound.

This model is of typical keyboard construction.  They keys are made of lightweight plastic and are not weighted.  They do not feel like a real piano and made a clicking sound when depressed.  This makes the feel of the best piano targeted more towards recreational players rather than those taking lessons or intermediate/experts looking for a quality instrument.  The sound quality is decent, but nothing exceptional.

The stand feels very stable.  The expectations for a stand included within a package are low, but this stand is sturdy and shouldn’t leave the user feeling nervous. The headphones are a nice addition, but they are cheap and the sound quality isn’t all that good.  If you are set on using headphones, you’d be better off picking up a $20 set of headphones somewhere to help improve your experience.

The Yamaha YPG-235 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the best piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • The headphones are cheap and of low quality.  They are included for “free”, but most users will want to upgrade to a more quality pair.

  • Buying the keyboard as part of a “pack” seems to be a toss up.  The headphones are not really that great.  A power adapter should be included even outside of a pack.  And the stand is decent.  You may wish to purchase the standalone piano keyboard and buy accessories as desired.

Casio SA76 Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 44 Mini Keys

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 8

Accessories Included: None (Doesn’t include a power adapter)

The Casio SA76 is a miniature electric keyboard featuring 44 mini keys and a total length of about 24”.  This construction of this model is specifically targeted towards young children whose hands are too small or weak for a full size digital piano. The price is low enough that parents are willing to buy their children this keyboard and if the kids don’t play it, it wasn’t a huge loss.

The best piano is constructed of lightweight plastic and weighs in just above 3 lbs.  It’s just over 2 feet long, perfect for fitting into a small bedroom The keys are lightweight and perfect for the smaller fingers of a young child.  While adults struggle with light plastic keys, they seem to work well with young children. The user interface is simple enough for children to navigate without much assistance.

They SA76 features 100 unique tones and 50 different rhythms.  This should be enough to keep your child entertained for a while.  The sound quality is acceptable.  The target user of this keyboard won’t be complaining about sound quality.  With that being said, the (2) 1.2 watt speakers are pretty good.

This electric keyboard does not come with a power adapter.  We recommend the Casio AD-A95100LW Keyboard Power Supply which can be purchased from amazon for under $25.  This model can also take (6) AA batteries, though the battery life seems to be less than about 6 hours during constant use.

Typical Complaints:

  • It would be nice if this keyboard came with a power supply.  Fortunately, the Casio ADE95 can be purchased for less than $25.

  • This keyboard is not intended for an advanced, intermediate or even beginner best piano player.  This model is specifically designed with children in mind.

Casio LK165 Review

best piano

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 48

Accessories Included: Stand and Headphones

On the surface, the Casio LK165 looks to be any ordinary keyboard.  It has 61 standard sized keys, a power button, a volume switch, and a number of other standard buttons used for changing between instruments.  Once you get into it, this keyboard is unique.  It is one of the few keyboards that offers lighted keys to help new users learn to play the best piano.  The lighted key feature is very effective at helping beginners get started.  More on this feature below.

The LK165 is an average keyboard.  They keys are lightweight and plastic.  They don’t feel anything like a real piano or a higher end digital piano.  The speakers do their job, but lack the full sound of a mid to high range model.  The two speakers are a bit on the small size at 2 watts, but the sound is clear and sounds pretty good.  Just don’t turn the speaker to full volume or else you’ll get some rattling.

This keyboard really shines when it comes to the lighted key feature.  This keyboard comes with nearly 100 songs which have the lighted key feature included.  With these songs, the user can turn the lighted keys on, slow down the song, and follow along with each hand.  As the user gets more familiar with the song, they can speed up the tempo.  Once they’ve reached the point where they know the song, they can turn off the lighted keys and impress their friends.  This feature really is awesome and is great for beginners.  We do have two minor complaints about this feature.  First is that the song selection has too many holiday songs.  The second is that only four keys can light up at the same time.  This is enough for a beginner to get started, but most songs require more than 4 keys at some point during the song.

Typical Complaints:

  • The headphones included with the pack aren’t really good.  They are very cheap, don’t sound that good, and don’t last.

  • The lighted key feature is awesome, but it only works for a maximum of 4 keys at a time.  This is enough to get started, but a higher maximum concurrent lighted keys would have pushed this keyboard into the best of the best.

Yamaha YPT230

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: Headphones and Stand

The Yamaha brand is well respected and makes a wide variety of affordable musical instruments and the Yamaha YPT230 is one of the most popular models of electric keyboards around.  While a lot of digital pianos/electric keyboards are found only at musician specialty stores or online, the YPT230 can be found at retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy.  The Yamaha YPT230 PAK comes with a stand and headphones to help get you started with the basic accessories needed.

The YPT-230 is an electric keyboard, not a digital piano.  Therefore it lacks any weighted scaled hammer action  or touch sensitivity which makes this model not particularly useful for learning to play piano.  The sound quality is pretty good considering the price and its primary use, though it isn’t exceptional.  There are 385 tones.  This is a good bit more than the average for this price range.  Some of the tones are dual voices which is pretty cool, but not particularly unique for electric keyboards.

The stand feels unexpectedly strong.  Yamaha claims it will support 250 lbs and it feels like it will support even more.  The headphones are a nice addition, but they are cheap and the sound quality isn’t all that good.  If you are set on using headphones, you’d be better off picking up a $20 set of headphones somewhere to help improve your experience.

The Yamaha YPT-230 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the best piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • Many users complain about the quality of the headphones.  We have found them to be lacking in sound quality.

  • The keyboard does not attach to the stand.  While this is intended, many users do not like this as they feel it makes it too easy for the keyboard to fall off the stand.

Yamaha YPT330

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Touch Sensitive Keys (Not Weighted, though there is some resistance)

Polyphony: 32

Accessories Included: None.  Note that a power adapter is NOT included.

The Yamaha YPT330 is an electronic keyboard/digital piano hybrid which offers beginner/intermediate piano players a cheap introduction to touch sensitivity and partially weighted keys.  It offers nearly 500 unique voices with over 100 built in songs.

This model is a nice shade of grey with aesthetically pleasing speakers at each top corner.  There are an average number of buttons governing the user interface. While the user interface looks complicated, but is quite easy to navigate.  The YPT-330 relies on three main buttons (beyond the power and volume) for navigation: Song, Voice, and Style.  After pressing one of the above buttons, the user simply enters the corresponding number to match up with the desired option.

The Yamaha YPT330 speakers are clear and sound good.  The best piano voice is decent and the other voices sound good.  There are over 100 built in songs and there is internal memory allowing the user to save up to five songs.  This is particularly useful for practice.  You play a song, save it, and playback the song listening with a critical ear for mistakes and ways to improve.

The Yamaha YPT-230 comes with Yamaha Education Suite (which we are a big fan of).  The Yamaha Education Suite (YES) helps new users to get a basic introduction to the best piano as well as provides a chord dictionary for more advanced users.

Typical Complaints:

  • This electric piano doesn’t always come with a power adapter.  They are only $12, but seriously???  The power adapter is the only critical accessory.

  • The plastic keys are loud when depressed.  They make a loud clicking sound that is typical of lower tier models.

Huntington KB54/KB61 Review

Number of Keys: 54/61

Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 8

Accessories Included: Music Stand Holder

Note:  The only difference between the Huntington KB54 and KB61 is that the KB54 has 54 keys and the KB61 has 61 keys.  As such, the reviews will be combined.

The Huntington KB54 is an introductory level electric keyboard which takes up little space and offers exceptional sound quality for about $50.  This keyboard offers several of the typical functions found on keyboards of this level.  The functions includes are 100 voices, 100 rhythms, and sustain and vibrato.

This keyboard lacks weighted keys, touch sensitivity and feels a little cheap.  But its $50, what do you expect.  For what this keyboard is intended (a cheap introduction to pianos or a cool musical toy), this keyboard nails it.  The keys are full size, which isn’t always the case for keyboards of this cost.

The sound quality of this keyboard rivals many of the more expensive mid-range digital pianos.  The speakers don’t have the ‘tin’ sound of many cheaper models.  Expect full sound and quality tones.

If you are looking for a cheap introduction piano or if you are looking for a musical toy, this is for you.  You will sacrifice a lot of the functions and options on mid-range to upper end digital pianos, but the price is right for what you get.

Typical Complaints:

  • This piano is cheap.  For $50, what do you expect.  Everything is made out of plastic and can feel a little brittle at times.

  • The LED screen/navigation isn’t always easy to understand.  On screen instructions are not as intuitive and some functions lack explanation.

  • A higher-than-normal number of users are reporting defective machines right out of the box.  Common issues include the keyboard not turning on at all, non-responsive keys, and keys that are broken.

Casio CTK-3200 PPK Review

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: Touch Sensitive

Polyphony: 48

Accessories Included: Headphones, Keyboard Stand, and Power Supply

The Casio CTK-3200 is an entry level electronic keyboard which lacks the weighted scaled hammer action and has a cheap feel to it. However, if you are in search of a keyboard that works and has a lot of voices and functions, this model may be for you.  The Casio CTK-3200 can be purchased individually.  But for about $20 more, you can purchase the CTK-3200 PPK which is a “pack” that includes a keyboard stand, a power supply and a pair of headphones.  While the headphones are not of great quality, the stand and power supply definitely make it worth the extra money to pick up the pack.

This electric keyboard is lightweight, weighing under 10 pounds and can be easily stored.  The stand that is included with the pack can easily be folded flat to make it easy to store with the keyboard.  This makes it an ideal model for those with limited space or those who don’t want to leave their instrument out all the time.  This is not a great looking piece of furniture as can be seen with acoustic pianos and some of the upper end digital pianos, so portability is nice.  It is easy to navigate the multitude of features and the 400+ voices with the user interface.  All buttons are properly labeled and the directions on the screen are easy to follow.

This Casio keyboard lacks the distinct weighted feeling keys as found on an acoustic piano.  The keys are light weight and plastic.  When you push the keys to hard, there is a clicking sound.  This clicking sound comes from the impact of the keys to the plastic body.  This can be distracting and does not replicate the authentic feel.  The speakers are decent for the cost.  While they lack the full sound, they do a decent job of replicating the different voices.

Typical Complaints:

  • The headphones, stand and power supply are not of great quality.  Other consumers have reported issues with the headphones and power supply not functioning properly.

  • This is not an appropriate model for those looking to get into playing the best piano.

Casio CTK-2300 Review

Number of Keys: 61

Weighted Scaled Hammer Action: None

Polyphony: 48

Accessories Included: Headphones, Keyboard Stand, and Power Supply

Lacking the weighted scaled hammer action, with its plastic keys and a price around $100, the Casio CTK-2300 is an entry level digital keyboard.  Those in search of a functional cheap electric keyboard with lots of tones and rhythms have found a great match in this model.  It should be noted that the CTK-2300 is sometimes sold as a stand-alone keyboard.  But for another (roughly) $20, you can pick up a set of headphones, a power supply and a keyboard stand.  The power supply and the keyboard stand make it well worth the extra money; the headphones are just bonus.

This 61 key keyboard is not a piece of furniture as some more expensive digital pianos are.  This model is lightweight, under 10 lbs, and the stand is easily folded up for storage.  The user interface is straightforward, with a decent amount of appropriately labeled buttons and a black and white screen showing the current configuration.  There are number voices, about 400, and there are about 150 rhythms and auto accompaniments.

The feel of the CTK-2300 does not replicate the feel of a real piano, though it is not intended to.  This is not intended to be a musical instrument. Rather it is intended to be a toy or a cheap way for parents to begin to expose their children to music.  The speakers sound as expected for the cost.  They replicate the different tones appropriately, but lack a rich and full sound.

If you are looking to introduce your child to music or have a fun toy to play with occasionally, this is for you.  If you are looking to take lessons or are looking for an instrument to practice on, you should look elsewhere.

Typical Complaints:

  • The headphones, stand and power supply are not of great quality.  Other consumers have reported issues with the headphones and power supply not functioning properly.

  • This is not an appropriate model for those looking to get into playing the best piano.


On a comparative note, being pitted against formidable names in the music industry is already a no-brainer for Casio.  It has its own advantages over others, with simple modifications in their features.  As stated, the illumination is already a come-on factor.  Price is nearly the same as a Yamaha keyboard of almost the same specifics.  Compared to a Yamaha Keyboard Piano, this Casio’s edge is the illuminated keys.  But Yamaha has signature features as well to compensate for what they fall short of.

Indeed, the Casio LK-100 Lighted Keyboard would certainly be a good gift choice, or can be just another family room addition positioned against a blank wall that could bond the family together during those idle moments.

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