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Best wine coolers

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Wine Cooler Reviews:

wine coolers reviews

As wine fanatics realize, the wine cooler is a powerful way to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and moisture to deciding to eat this. They are created for short-term space for storage, being coupled with wine beverages that you just plan to eat following month or two. When you have by no means purchased your wine cooler, you may be astonished at the real volume of measurements, designs and price variants amongst a lot of variations. These folks start with near to $200, and could continue properly previous $1, 000 got top quality evolves. Consequently, prior to deciding to buy, review this specific guide to acquiring a couple of helpful pointers on choosing the best cooler to become useful.

Wine coolers (also called wine refrigerators, wine fridges & wine chillers) are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, starting from the small counter top wine fridge to the massive models that carry a huge selection of bottles.

For a newcomer to wine collecting or the avid wine drinker, selecting the best type of wine cooler for your particular needs can certainly be a challenging experience. However, by understanding the features of the different best wine coolers you can quickly determine the type of appliance that will be most suitable for your personal requirements.

Important Things to Bear in Mind When Best Buy Wine Cooler

best buy wine cooler

  • Bottle Capacity
  • Single or Dual Zone
  • Size
  • Noise
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling System
  • Interior Shelving
  • Temperature Display and Operation
  • Glass Doors and Lights
  • Type of Wines
  • Humidity Monitoring
  • Price

Bottle Capacity:

best wine coolers

Deciding the bottle capacity of the wine cooler is the first thing you should think about, choosing a cooler that won’t hold enough bottles could see you having to buy a larger capacity cooler to accommodate your collection.

Most of the bottle capacities of wine coolers are based upon a standard Cabernet or Bordeaux shaped 750ml bottle and do not take into consideration the larger bottles such as champagne or Burgundy. Also, the storage volume typically considers that the wine bottles are piled on top of each other.

Single or Dual Zone:

best wine coolers

Due to the fact that red and white wine should be kept at different temperatures, a single zone wine cooler will be good for keeping either red or white wine but not both. A dual zone wine cooler will keep both red and white wines at the correct temperatures.


Before buying a wine cooler make sure you measure the area you plan to site the appliance and check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the cooler will fit into the space and have adequate ventilation to dissipate any wine coolers

Free standing wine coolers come in various shapes and sizes. The most compact wine coolers are designed to sit on top of a worktop or counter. If you have limited space a countertop wine cooler may be the ideal solution.

Under counter wine coolers, as the name implies, fit under the counter just like a standard refrigerator or dish washer.

Tall, free standing wine coolers take up similar space to a fridge freezer unit.

One other size aspect to consider is the depth of the cooler. If you regularly re-cork or use a bottle stopper to keep partially empty bottles, make sure the cooler will be able to accommodate both the bottle and the stopper. Some coolers have a space for vertical storage of bottles, which is a nice feature if you need to keep large or partially drunk bottles of wine.


best wine coolers

Noise is a major concern for most buyers. The last thing you want is to hear a constant humming or buzzing from the wine cooler. So, check the Amazon reviews for any mention of excessive noise.


wine cooler reviews

Position the wine cooler in a well ventilated area. Having adequate ventilation to dissipate any heat produced by the best wine coolers cooling system is also very important.

If the appliance is located in an enclosed area with little ventilation, the ambient temperature of the room will increase and prevent the unit from cooling properly. Read the manufacturers specifications to determine the recommended ventilation distances before buying.

When first connected to the power supply the cooler will run constantly until the set temperature is reached, after that, the cooler will only run when it needs to adjust the temperature. How long the unit will have to run will depend on the surrounding temperature of the area it is located in.

Cooling System:

best wine coolers

There are actually two common categories of chilling systems for wine refrigeration products. The first and most widely known is the vapor compression unit, identical to the ones found in a conventional home refrigerator. The second system is the thermoelectric type which is the most energy efficient and also has the advantages of less moving parts, better durability, smaller size, less repairs and maintenance, less vibration and less noise.

Interior Shelving:

best wine coolers

The ability to remove and relocate the shelves is another aspect to take into account. Shelves and gliders need to be of a very solid construction due to the weight they will potentially be carrying. If the shelves look flimsy and poor fitting, don’t buy it.

Temperature Display and Operation:

Most wine coolers have an LCD display that shows the exact temperature within the unit. Dual zone wine coolers usually have two displays, one for each zone. Simple up and down controls allow the user to set the cooler to the desired temperature.

Glass Doors and Lights:

wine cooler reviews

Although they are not necessities, a glass door and interior light can be very aesthetically pleasing. However, glass is not a very good thermal insulator and will allow the cold air to dissipate through it. If you are going to be purchasing a cooler with a glass door, and can afford it, make sure the glass thermally insulated and is UV protected to prevent your wine from losing its color and taste due to ultra violet rays.

Type of Wines

Red and whitened wines perform greatest from various temperature configurations. For those who have a lot of each inside your selection, think about a dual-zone cooler that may support each. These types of will often have 2 individual doorways on a single device, together with person regulates for every chamber’s heat variety.

Humidity Monitoring

Humidity monitoring is essential in wine cooler fridge. Refrigeration is likely to possess a dehumidifying impact, which could dried out your own corks and perhaps trigger wines spoilage or unwanted flavor modifications. Search for versions which have the hygrometer, or help to make programs to set up one by you.


In terms of quality and features wine coolers are no different to most other electrical appliances, you do get what you pay for. Generally, the more you pay the more storage capacity you will get and the better quality the cooler will be.

Read the Amazon reviews to see what customers who have actually purchased the product have to say about it.

How to choose the best wine coolers

The question is how does one choose the right wine cooler to buy? It does really depend on the need. There are small countertop models that are perfect for home use, that is if you only keep around five to six bottles of wine at a time. There are also huge ones that can store dozens of bottles at a time.  Do you keep only reds or do you prefer both reds and whites? This can also be a factor in choosing the right wine cooler. Red and white wines are stored at different temperatures. If you like to have a few bottles of reds and a few bottles of whites at the same time, best buy wine coolers that have dual temperature chambers, one for reds and the other for whites.

Using a wine cooler is just like using your refrigerator, which incidentally gives rise to the question, “Why not just keep your wine in the fridge?” The answer is wine needs to be stored at a fairly constant temperature because temperature fluctuations can affect the wine’s quality. The normal household fridge experiences temperature fluctuations on a regular basis just by opening and closing its door. Another difference between a wine cooler and a fridge is that wine cooler racks allow wine bottles to be stored horizontally. This prevents the cork from drying out which is a cause of wine seepage.

Wine coolers allow you to store wine properly in order to preserve its taste and prolong its shelf life. If you like drinking wine, you should think about getting a wine cooler.  Properly storing your wine will let you enjoy your favorite wine’s flavor and aroma for months on end, even if you’ve already opened the bottle.

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