How to install in wall speaker wire

How to install in wall speaker wire complete guide

The wires of a speaker can create a clutter in your home theater and if these wires run along on the floor, they will present a dangerous obstacle. It is better and cleaner to use in wall speaker wire which is hidden in the wall. The wire ends on both sides run into an opening with a tool known as a fish tape. The wires come out of one portion of the wall to connect to a receiver and from another portion to connect to a speaker. It is advisable to follow the basic safety precautions while installing these wires. To learn more about best in wall speakers reviews.

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Let us look at the step by step method of installing in wall Speaker Wires:

a) Turn off the electrical supply from the circuit breaker in the area where the wires are to be installed in the wall.

b) Measure the distance between the location of the speaker and the receiver in order to decide what length of In Wall Speaker Wire you will require. You can use a string or tape measure in order to do this. Take a pencil and mark the points where the wire will go into and come out of the wall.Check out the how to install in wall speakers.

c) Use an electric drill to make half inch holes at the pencil marks in the wall.

d) Insert the end of the fish tape into one hole and carefully extend the tape into the wall, towards the second hole, till you can see the fish tape inside the second hole.

e) Take the end of the In Wall Speaker wire and insert it inside the loop in the fish tape. Tie an overhand knot on the wire.Check now best wah pedal reviews.

f) Pull the fish tape with the speaker wire secured back to the first hole and take the fish tape out from the wall. The fish tape will be carrying the speaker wire along with it.

g) Insert the wire through the hole in the center in a metal or plastic faceplate which is specifically created for installing speakers, and then use two screws to attach the faceplate to the wall.

h) Use a tape to secure the wire to the faceplate to keep it held securely until you are ready to attach the in wall speaker wire to the speaker or receiver. This way the wire will not fall back into the wall.To read more about violin brands reviews.

Hiring professionals

If you follow these simple steps you will be able to install a speaker wire in the wall successfully. Do keep in mind that you are dealing with electricity and this can be a dangerous proposition. If the sound system in your home theater or the place where you are installing the speaker wires is complicated, it will be a good idea to hire professionals to do the job. Such professionals will be completely aware of the systems that need to be followed while carrying out the installation of in wall speaker wire. At the same time, these professionals will also know what kind of wires to use for the distance and the equipment involved. Remember that the wrong kind of wire will not only damage you equipment but also present the danger of an electrical fire.After reading this article to get the classical music of violin reviews guide.

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