How To Install In Wall Speakers

How To Install In Wall Speakers

So you’re in the market for some in wall speakers? Now you’re looking for how to install in wall speakers and see if it’s difficult? Actually it’s quite simple! Although you want the job to look as professional as possible, sometimes it’s better to do the job yourself and pocket the extra cash. Follow these few tips on how to install in wall speakers for your room and create a beautiful home entertainment system! Take excellent reviews about best wah pedals.

Follow Expert Guide Step By Step

1. First things first, you’ll want to plan out the project carefully and review all the steps to make sure you haven’t forgotten any tools, or materials. Also make sure you know what the project is going to look like somewhat when it’s finished. Determine what is the best approach and where you’ll be placing the in wall speakers. Many people don’t know how to install in wall speakers, as they’ve never done it before and it can be a little scary. But it’s actually a lot simpler than it looks! In some projects, you might have to access your attic, or maybe even the crawl space under your home to run the wires for the in wall speakers to the speakers themselves.

2. Once you’ve determined where you’ll be placing the speakers, make sure that once they are positioned, that they will be at your ear level when you are seated comfortably. Find out if there are any obstructions behind where you will be putting the speakers, things such as pipes, or wires. You can do this by drilling a hole in the wall and inserting a bent coat hanger and moving it around. If you find obstructions, patch up the hole and find a new location.

3. Measure how big the holes will need to be for your speakers, and cut them. You can use a cut-out template as most speakers come with a template when you purchase them nowadays. Something you can do is tape the template onto the wall where you want the speakers and trace the outline with a drawing tool. A pencil is recommended. Then drill a hole at the corner of the template and use a manual drywall saw to cut out all four edges. Don’t worry if the edges that you cut were not perfect. Your speaker’s frame will cover it up to make it look good.To get the best student flute.

4. Plan out how you will install the wires and run them to the amp or receiver. You can run theme behind the walls, or overhead in the attic space. Many people just run them along the floor or through the walls.

5. Some people paint the frames and the grilles of the speakers to match the color of the walls, make sure you paint them before installing them onto the wall. Mask the main speaker components and use spray paint to get this done. Then secure the speaker onto the wall. Most speakers use clamps to keep the speaker attached to the wall. Once it’s in, tighten all the screws in front of the speaker. If your speakers don’t use clamps, they’ll have a perimeter clamp which uses the frame to attach itself to the wall instead.Get the top violin brands reviews guide.

6. Test your system to see if it is fully functional and enjoy! Start at a lower volume for the first time so that you don’t damage your amplifier or receiver if there are any issues with the connections.


And that is how to install in wall speakers ! Not too difficult, even if you are not someone who is good with tools and very handy. Now sit back and enjoy your new home entertainment system!

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